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Welcome to my little space on the net for scrapbookers in New Zealand!

If you’re anything like me you were carried away with the whole scrapbooking buzz when it hit NZ some years ago and then, didn’t actually get around to making a album! I started with good intentions but I didn’t really know what I was doing and it was quite an expensive hobby. Some months ago I decided that was it… I was tired of looking at my photos that seemed to run into a endless stream of blur in traditional albums. I blew the dust off my stash and started out in earnest searching the net for inspiration.


The international scrapbooking community is full of talented people willing to share and advise others. By comparison to our American counterparts, we are limited to what is available to us and purchasing from overseas can be an expensive exercise. I hope by sharing what I have learnt (through others and my own trails and errors) preserving your photographic memories is less stressful and the whole process of creating interesting and lovely pages more enjoyable and less expensive!


Feel free to leave a comment or to share something you’ve learnt on any of the topics/pages :-).


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